DeRajj started off his career with only one thing, pure passion and ambition. It was these two things that handed him an illustrious career. One only has to glance at his resume and realize that he has played at almost every single renowned club in Malaysia. Well known for his incredible perfect timing and ultra charged mixes, DeRajj never fails to drive the crowd wild. A true mixing extraordinaire, a perfectionist when it comes to music and armed with amazing vocals DeRajj is a club DJ in its truest form. Versatility being his key element, he is able to mix and spin a wide taste of musical styles such as R&B, Hip Hop, House, Retro, Disco, Eclectic, Popular Latin Hits, Party music or a combination of genres and styles.

Versatility, perfect timing, vocal talents and passion. That is what DeRajj is all about. After more than two decades, DeRajj has proved time and time again that he is amongst the best the music industry has to offer. Smooth, elegant and timeless.

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